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Octagonal Prism
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The octagonal prism is, like the hexagonal prism, not a commonly studied prism at elementary level. At the very most, your child will have to be able to identify the shape and count its vertices and edges.

Your child will most likely never have to calculate either the volume or the surface area UNLESS.. a value for the area of the octagon is given. Then the surface area and volume are very elementary calculations.

The Facts

octagonal prism
Cross Section

TEN - The front and back faces which are octagons, and eight rectangles which connect them.
16 Vertices
24 Edges
Surface Area
surface area of a prism


Where: l = distance from front face to back face; B = Area of Base

Area of an Octagon
area of an octagon

I hope you find this resource helpful. If you have any comments or suggestions, on how I can make this geometry resource better for you please don't hesitate to contact me.

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