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K-6 Geometric Shapes

'Geometric shapes' is the term applied to the study of basic shapes, composed of points, lines and simple curves (such as circles). At this site, you will find an outline of basic geometry information required by Kindergarten through sixth grade students.

No matter where your search takes you in the realm of elementary geometry, you will find what you seek right here.

It could be a quick geometry reference of shapes and their names, geometry formula or perhaps a geometry glossary - it's here.
Are you in search of more detailed information such as different types of triangles, names of polyhedra or the 5 platonic solids? You can read detailed steps in geometric constructions or a step by step approach to solving geometry theorems.

Of course, practice is essential to reinforce new skills, so please feel free to use our free printable geometry worksheets.

Math, I know, can be a little mundane for some children. Why not inspire their natural inquisitiveness and fun loving spirits with some wonderful geometry projects or some geometric coloring pages which will increase their visual spatial sense?

Thank you for visiting K6 Geometric Shapes. I hope you find this teaching resource helpful.

Feel free to , especially if you feel I can make this site better for you. All suggestions are Welcome.

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