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Hexagonal Prism
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The hexagonal prism is, like the pentagonal prism, not a commonly studied prism at elementary level. Except for identification, an elementary student is most likely not going to be expected to perform calculations about this 3d shape. However, just in case, I have included it in this section for your use. The most common every day example of a hexagon I have seen is traffic sign posts (some are of course pentagons and octagons) and nuts, in nuts and bolt sets!

The Facts

hexagonal prism
Cross Section

EIGHT - The front and back faces which are hexagons, and six rectangles which connect them.
12 Vertices
18 Edges
Surface Area
surface area of a prism


Where: l = distance from front face to back face; B = Area of Base

Area of a Hexagon
area of a hexagon

I hope you find this resource helpful. If you have any comments or suggestions, on how I can make this geometry resource better for you please don't hesitate to contact me.

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