Geometry Glossary of terms Starting with E-F

This Geometry Glossary defines words starting with E or F.  Use the colored tabs to the right, to access the other definitions in this complete geometry dictionary.

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Math Dictionary of Geometry Words: E-F

Edge: Where two surfaces intersect or join.

Ellipse:  A oval shaped plane shape, resembling a flattened circle.

Endpoint: The point denoting the end of a line segment.

Equation: This is a mathematical statement containing an equals sign showing that two expressions have the same value.

Equiangular: A shape that has all angles equal.

Equilateral Triangle: A triangle whose sides are all the same length.

Euler's formula: For any convex Polyhedrons surface Euler's Formula states: V - E + F =2 where V,E,F are Vertices, edges and Faces.

Exterior angles: The angle formed on the outside of a polygon, when one side is extended.

 Face: The flat surface of a three dimensional shape.

Flat:  Having no depth.

Flip: To 'turn over'.  It is the term to describe a geometric transformation.

Formula: A rule, usually containing symbols (as it is true for all cases) and describes the relationship between quantities.

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