A Math Dictionary of Geometric Terms

Giving a child access to a Math Dictionary can alieviate much of the distress with home work and study in general.

If your child gets caught on just one term, it can throw them off their entire math question. The math dictionary section bellow deals with all geometric terms starting with the letters 'A' and 'B'.  As you can see we have a full geometry dictionary available here for you to explore.

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Math Dictionary of Geometry words: A-B

Acute Angle: Any angle measuring less than 90 Degrees

Acute Triangle: A triangle with ALL three angles being acute angles

Adjacent: Next to.  You can have two building adjacent to each other.

Adjacent Angles: Angles that are IMMEDIATELY next to each other.

Adjacent Sides: Sides that are IMMEDIATELY next to each other.

Align: When you arrange items in a straight line.  You can align edges or even center points of shapes.

Alternate Angles: Angles opposite each other created by drawing one line across two others.

Altitude of Shape: The Perpendicular distance from the vertex of the shape to It's base line.

Angle: The amount of rotation, in an anti clockwise direction, between two lines intersecting.  These are measured by degrees.

Angle Bisector: A line that divides an angle into two equal parts.

Angle of Rotation: The number of degrees an object is rotated around a fixed point.  Always measured in a clockwise direction.

Anti-Clockwise: The opposite direction to the way the hands on an analogue clock go.

Apex: The highest point on a two dimensional or three dimensional shape.

Arc: A section of a curve or part of a circle.

Area: The amount of surface a shape occupies - measured in square units.

Asymmetry: Does not have sides exactly the same.

Attribute: This is a characteristic. Attributes can be color, size, shape. We usually sort according to attributes.

Axis: These can be real or imaginary reference lines.

Axis of Symmetry: This is the line that divides symmetrical objects in half.

Base: This can be the bottom line of a two dimensional shape or the bottom face of a three dimensional face.

Bi-: This is a prefix meaning 2 or twice of something. An example is a bicycle - two wheels.

Bisect: To divide into two equal parts.

Bisector: A line, point or plane that divides something into two equal parts.

Boundary: A line around the outside edge - also known as perimeter.

Breadth: Distance from one side of a shape to another - sometimes referred to as width.

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