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geometry projects

Fun Geometry Projects for all the family.

Geometry projects are a fun way to offer elementary students some hands on, real life examples of geometry in action.

My kids and I, when completing geometry projects, have so much fun! Much of the time we decide to do a 'project', such as - make birthday cards - not geometry work - but I find myself saying "oooh look, did you know if you put these two triangles together you get a square?"

My son then takes two triangles and ends up with a rectangle or a trapezium, and the seven year olds - "Not fair!" sulk appears! But wait, the sulk is vanishing, the brain motors kick in and ... the questions start flowing.

How come yours made a square and mine didn't? What else can be made with triangles? What happens if...?

The fun has begun! But remember, although these are fun projects, my son has pointed out to me recently - "they're fun, but they're not bouncy castle fun!"

A huge part of basic geometry is in understanding how to dissect a complex shape down into regular shapes that a student can easily deal with. In my opinion, this skill can only be fine tuned through working hands on with shapes, creating different geometry projects with them or creating beautiful geometric art.

I hope you find this list of math based activities fun to do with your child!

  • Easter Egg Tangram
  • Gift Card Tangram
  • Mapping
  • 4 color map
  • Geo Cashing/Mapping
  • String Art
  • Orogami Mobile
  • Box Designing
  • Platonic Solids
  • Create a childrens Geometry Book
  • Write geometry poems
  • Geometric Art Coloring
  • Picture enlargement using the grid method ? why does it work
  • Geometry in nature sketch book
  • All the shapes I know collages.

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