A Resource of Geometry Vocabulary Starting with I-J

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Geometry vocabulary commencing with the letters I and J are listed here alphabetically.  Use the tabs to the right to access our full geometry dictionary.  That way, when it comes to geometry homework, there is no chance that one little geometry term is going to hold up it completion.  

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Math Dictionary of Geometry Vocabulary: I-J

Icosa: Prefix meaning 20.

Icosagon: Polygon with 20 sides.

Icosahedrons: Polyhedron with 20 faces.One of the 5 platonic solids.

Increase: To make larger in size.

Infinite: No definite end.  The opposite of finite.

Infinity: Unable to be counted - it has no end.

Interior Angles: An angle within a polygon. Angles within two lines, when they are crossed by a third (transversal) line.

Intersect: Where lines cross one another. The point the lines have in common is called the point of intersection.

Irregular:A shape which does not have all sides equal and all angles equal.

 Isometric: To have equal dimensions or measurements.

Isometric paper: Paper created with dots (dot paper) or grids (grid paper) to assist with isometric drawings.

Isosceles triangle: A triangle that has two sides equal in length.  Its base angles are equal.

J: I have not come across any geometry words beginning with the letter J.

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