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Once your child truely masters their understanding of quadrilaterals - how they fit together, and more importantly how complex shapes and be reduced to these simple shapes - geometry will become less of an area of studey, and more an art to be explored further.

Quadrilaterals are simple polygons composed of four sides, (edges) and four vertices (corners). There are many different quadrilaters, each with their own distinctive features. They can be grouped as either simple quadrilaters or complex wquadrilaterals. Simple quadrilaterals are always either convex or concave. Convex quadrilaterals can be subdivided into convex parallelograms and 'all other quadrilaterals'.

Click on the images below to be taken to a more detailed page on each shape.

isosceles trapezoid
Isosceles Trapezoid
kite shape
rhombus shape
rectangle shape

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