Geometric Coloring Pages

Geometric Coloring Sheets allows any person to produce amazing art (as long as you can color between the lines). With just a little forethought, and four to six different colors your half way there!

Ever since I was a little girl, Geometric Coloring Sheets have held a special place for me in my coloring time.  Even to this day, as an adult, I love to sit down and just color sometimes.  

When my kids are coloring I love to join them but I have to admit, I found their coloring books a little boring - so I started to create my own Geometric sheets as the books are just too expensive!

My son who is now eight loves these also.  He is learning about perspective and isometric drawing in art class so he wants to practice this new skill a lot.

Of course, being Irish,  I want him to learn how to produce some of the basics in Celtic geometric art, such as the Celtic Knot or the Trinity Knot!  

What are the benefits gained from geometric coloring pages?

On top of the enjoyment simple coloring brings it also develops a vital skill for geometry studies, that most kids are unaware of.  

This is the skill of visualizing a problem.  The Celtic art is extra special for this reason, as all of the art at some point 'weaves'.  The strands of different colors start to go over and under each other.  If a child can learn what is happening, and follow it, they are fine-tuning their spatial sense.

Are all geometric coloring sheets simply repetitive patterns?

Many are, yes, but of course we just want the fun sheets also, scenes that are familiar, fuzzy little animals, and cute fish in a bowl!

 I have all those here too - but they are created using only polygons, circles and lines!  These are really fun!

It's time to get coloring!

Bellow I have listed some categories for the coloring sheets.  Simply click on this category and print any of the sheets available.

  • Classic Geometry
  • Quilt Coloring
  • Geometric Landscapes
  • Geometric Animals
  • Geometric Architecture
  • Geometric Fish
  • Tessellations
  • Geometric Fish
  • Mandala Pages
  • Celtic Coloring

Don't forget to also check out our Geometry Projects area.  These ideas are also a lot of fun.

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