Sphere Geometry

Sphere geometry for an elementary student only requires knowledge of the circle and how to calculate the volume and surface area of the sphere.

I have two different sections of this site devoted to both of these, however, before continuing, please be sure that your student is comfortable identifying the different parts of the circle, is comfortable using the digits of Pi,  and can calculate the, area and perimeter of a circle.

Click on the 'More Details" buttons bellow , to be taken to each section.

In this section, I take you through an easy step by step process, showing you how you can explain the volume of a sphere to your elementary math student.

Each step will take you closer to establishing the formula for the volume of this shape all by yourself, until you arrive at this formula.

In this section, as with the volume section, I am going to take you step by step through the method of calculating the surface area of a sphere, so that you will find it much easier to explain it to an elementary student.

Ultimately we will arrive at the given formula.

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