Rectangular Prisms

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The geometry of rectangular prisms  is almost identical to that of the square prism, and is the most common of all the prisms to have questions based upon it in standardized tests.  

The rectangular prism is also known as a cuboid.  

It is also the most commonly used prism in real life used in packaging, from cereal boxes to parcel delivered by mail.  So the next time your family finishes a box of cereal, be sure to keep the box, so you can open it up and use it as a prism 3d-net for exploration purposes for your child.

The Facts


Cross Section


SIX- The front and back faces (2) which are rectangles, and four rectangles (4) which connect them.


8 Vertices


12 Edges

Surface Area

Where: l = distance from front face to back face


Where: l = distance from front face to back face; B =  Area of Base

Area of Rectangle

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