Free Geometric Coloring Pages

These free geometric coloring pages will allow your K-6 grade student to explore and experience the relationship between two and three dimensional shapes.

Geometric coloring pages are a great way to build your child's awareness of the geometry that surrounds us.  Geometry is found everywhere in the world, in all areas of life, and art is no different. 

 Sometimes we can catch ourselves saying something like "I don't know what's wrong, but it just doesn't 'look' right!"  Normally when this statement is used, something is geometrically incorrect. For example when putting a tile pattern together, if a color is put down out of sequence, it is easily noticeable!  

Give these geometric coloring pages to your child to see what wonderful patterns they can come up with.  And the great thing with these is that if they do something irreversible that they don't like - well it's just a snap to come back and print the page again!  

To get your printable, simply click on the image of the sheet bellow that you would like to print.

If you enjoyed these, you can get many more free geometric coloring pages from my Coloring Pages Hub!

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